Phishing / Fraud Alert

November 26, 2018


It has come to our attention that this Jackpot Lawyer website is being attached to what seems likely to be some sort of phishing scam. Right now, we do not know much about how this scam works. This is the information we have gathered to date:

  • The user is playing a gambling game app on their phone or tablet; or the user is playing some kind of online lottery or sweepstakes.
  • A notification or ad pops up on the app stating that they won a lottery jackpot and to contact a lawyer at to confirm. We are not sure, but there may be another link to their website requesting the user’s personal or account information to claim their prize.
  • The user may have received an “e-ticket confirmation” of the winning ticket numbers referencing a Lotto Max or 6/49 draw. In one instance, a user was told they won a $55M Lotto Max draw on a certain date, but checking the Lotto Max draws revealed that there was no winning ticket drawn on that date.

Once again, we believe that these kinds of lottery winnings notifications are likely some sort of phishing scam, or at the very best, misleading the user into believing they won a lottery. We are not in any way affiliated with those games or websites.

We are trying to gather information on these scams and will be passing it along to the police. Unfortunately, the users who have contacted us have not been able to provide many specifics or screen shots of the notifications. This post will be updated as we gather more information. If you have seen these kinds notifications with our website link, please send to us a screen shot/grab of them.

Feature image for this post by Richard Patterson