Lottery Subscription Tickets

printed cheque

Earlier this month, a Calgary man won $1M with a subscription ticket. The Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC) called to inform him of the win. He’s been playing the lottery for over 30 years.

But what is a “subscription ticket?”

The WCLC allows you to purchase suscriptions for lottery tickets. Essentially, you choose the frequency and numbers, give them your credit card information, and the WCLC plays the lottery on your behalf at the frequency you’ve requested. They purchase your ticket, check your ticket, and pay out your money automatically.

However, there’s no sitting on this win (like Bon Truong did for over 10 months after discovering he had the Lotto Max $60M ticket). Once you get the phone call and claim the prize, your identity is revealed and you get your cheque in the mail (or an autodeposit into your bank account). There’s no option to protect your identity.

Here’s an excerpt from the WCLC’s FAQ page:

“Q: If I win a major prize, do I need to have my picture taken?
Yes. Under WCLC Rules and Regulations, the Corporation has no obligation to pay a prize unless the winner gives WCLC the right to publish the winner’s name, city or town of residence and recent photograph.  Names and photographs of major lottery winners are publicized to protect the integrity of the games – it verifies that prizes are won and shows that winners come from every walk of life.”

So, if you need time to plan how to use your winnings, get legal and financial protections in place, or simply think about the changes to your life, subscription tickets from the WCLC may not be the right choice for you. On the other hand, it can save you from a few trips to the corner store every month!


Author: Danielle Mohr

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