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You've Won the Lottery...but at what cost?

Anonymous Jackpot Claims for Canadian Lottery Winners

"If I would've known all the newspapers would be there, I would have never went."

You’ve just won the lottery – every Canadian's dream. After the initial shock and excitement, the details of collecting your winnings are revealed. Among them is a condition that you must have your name and picture published as the big lottery winner for the world to see.

You've likely never considered the costs of winning a lottery jackpot. Announcing your name and identity seems harmless at first. But in reality, it can be devastating. Now that everyone knows you that you are the big winner, your privacy, property, and in extreme cases, even your physical person can be at risk.

Revealing your identity after a lottery win can result in:

  • Falling out with family members and friends
  • Phones ringing off the hook
  • People knocking on the door all the time
  • A complete lack of privacy
  • Invasive scrutiny of your past
  • Attacks on your history, family, or even your person
  • Endless solicitation
  • In rare cases, violence

To learn more about what previous lottery winners in Canada and elsewhere have experienced after a lottery win, browse through the Case Studies in our blog.

Jackpot LawyerTM Services

Protect Your Anonymity

Depending on the circumstances of the winning ticketholder, Jackpot LawyerTM may be able to help them receive their winnings and keep them anonymous. Our ideal clients are those who have won a lump sum jackpot of $5 million or more from a Canadian lottery and have not yet claimed their winnings. Our process aims to protect every dollar of your jackpot, while safeguarding your identity. We use only legal means to help you retain all the benefits of winning the lottery without sacrificing your privacy. Note that we do NOT provide any legal services other than helping winners of Canadian lotteries remain anonymous, on a case-by-case basis.

Sound Legal Advice

Jackpot LawyerTM provides legal advice and guidance to Canadian lottery winners. Whether you're worried about claiming your winnings publicly, or simply need to learn more about what the risks are, Jackpot LawyerTM can answer your questions and put your mind at ease.


Our highest priority is complete confidentiality. Protecting your identity begins with the first phone call. As lawyers, we are under one of the highest duties of confidence protected under law to our clients and those to speak with us seeking legal advice.

Protect Your Wealth

The challenge of being a new multimillionaire doesn’t end with anonymity. We can connect you with trusted and experienced investment counsellors, financial advisors and accountants who can give you invaluable professional assistance in managing your windfall of wealth.

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Jackpot Lawyer® are two Alberta lawyers: Chelsea Tkachuk and Luke Lorente.

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